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Welcome to Eco Shark - the newest fish in a big pool of online shops. We're excited to be here and can't wait to introduce you to a brilliant selection of products designed to take all the plastic waste out of your shopping bag. 

This blog is called "The Grey Road to Green" because going Green isn't black and white - there's a lot of grey, especially as technology advances and science evolves.  But going Green is also easy. Each action and small change is a success - and it's addictive. It all boils down to being mindful of what you're consuming and then developing personal habits to reduce what's not necessary. For example:

  • Bringing a travel mug to the coffee shop
  • Bringing your own bags when going shopping
  • Use biodegradable dental floss
  • Remembering to tell your favourite take-out restaurant to skip the plastic cutlery

Individually these actions may not feel like a lot, but over the course of a year multiplied by many people, it will make a huge difference!


We did a lot of market research before launching Eco Shark and most people honestly want to make better choices for the environment. The biggest barriers are not knowing how, and trusting that large manufacturers are truthful when they claim something is "Green".  

That's where we come in! Eco Shark has researched and tested every single item we sell. Each product page on our website has a tab explaining why that item is a better choice than its conventional counterpart. Our blog and social media will be dedicated to sharing eco tips, easy-swaps, news, and inspiration to help more people make Greener decisions.

So while it's true that the road to Green can sometimes be a bit grey, every step you take brings you closer. And it's a beautiful destination. 

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