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Why You Need to Upgrade to Eco Friendly Cleaners

Oh So Many Reasons!

They don’t harm the environment

Let’s start with the no-brainer.  Eco friendly cleaning products are eco friendly. By choosing them over chemical alternatives, you are making an active choice to protect our environment. 

1) Grey Water Safe:

Your grey water (ie. the water that goes down the drain in your sinks, showers, and toilet) will only contain biodegradable remnants that isn’t going to harm our water quality or aquatic life once it’s released from our sewers.

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2) Reduces Waste:

Companies who are focused on environmentally responsible products put sustainability into all their business practices, so not only is your actual cleaner eco friendly, there’s a dang good chance that everything else that went into its production had sustainability at the core as well. Features like compostable materials and packaging, concentrated formulas to reduce the footprint of shipping liquids, or sourcing local ingredients. After all, the sustainability of eco friendly products isn’t just in their use - it’s the entire production process, from creation to disposal. 

image of a father vacuuming wearing a baby in a baby cling

3) Not Tested on Animals: 

Companies who are building solutions to dangerous and wasteful products generally aren’t into animal testing. It’s really hard to reconcile those two objectives. Personally, I’m willing to lick my windows clean if it means that a bunny somewhere didn’t have glass cleaner rubbed into its eyeballs. With our technology, there is literally no reason why all products shouldn't be cruelty-free at this point.

a child with a bunny

They don’t affect your health

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that chemicals aren’t good for your health. People are less likely to read the list of ingredients on their cleaners than they are the ingredients in their food, but knowing that our super absorbant skin makes contact with cleaners, and we inhale their fumes, maybe we should start! After all both things make their way into our bodies and have consequences. 

4) Our body is like a sponge:

Any dish soap, detergent, or household cleaner that you touch can be absorbed by your skin or inhales. While it’s true that wearing gloves or an N95 can help limit your exposure during application, chemical cleaners can leave traces on the surfaces of your table, counters, and mirrors, or on your dishes, utensils and clothing. 

No judgment here - but think how often do you exercise the “5 second rule” for food dropped on the floor, eat right off the counter, or catch your kid chewing on their sleeve or licking the window?

left side image of someone cleaning a mirror, right side image a child licking a window

5) Allergies!

Many eco friendly cleaning products are hypo-allergenic and free from unnecessary dyes and artificial fragrances, making them safe for your family members with allergies or sensitive skin and noses.

6) Asthma!

As someone who developed asthma later in life, I can personally attest to how my throat tightens and I begin wheezing when using common big-box-brands of cleaners. The chemicals used in these cleaners can aggravate respiratory issues…and let's take a step  back - if you can’t breath properly…how “clean” is your cleaner?

Left image of a lady on her couch with allergies, right image a child with an asthma ventilator reading a book

7) Antibacterial, more like…anti-BAD-terial

This one can feel like a head scratcher, but antibacterial isn’t all that great for us. Antibacterial soaps don’t work any better than normal bar soap and water, and according to the American Medical Association the overuse of antibacterials can actually have negative health consequences.

Cleaners shouldn’t pollute your home:

8) Eliminate indoor pollution

Knowledge of indoor air quality has risen over the last few years, and for very good reason! Our homes are getting better insulted for energy conservation but that also unfortunately means we lose some of the air exchange needed to keep our air fresh. Therefore, toxins from cleaning products, carpets, paint, furniture and allergens are able to build up and circulate. Eco friendly cleaners help to alleviate some of this concern, but you can also avoid artificial air fresheners and opening your windows occasionally.

woman cleaning her countertops with a thought bubble reading "don't breathe!"

9) Natural scents

Most eco friendly cleaners rely on natural ingredients for their cleaning power, but also to scent their products. Ever wonder why we associate a lemony fresh scent with cleanliness? It’s because lemon juice is naturally odour absorbing, a great degreaser, and a natural bleaching agent, which is why it’s used in so many cleaning products. 

On top of the natural fragrance, many of these ingredients also have an added benefit of aromatherapy so you can get your zen on while cleaning your temple.

lady smelling her fresh laundry
TLDR? The benefits of using an eco friendly cleaner clearly outweigh the chemical ones. Sustainable cleaners easily provide the same cleaning gusto without the environmental consequences or health risks.

So given the choice…why on this sweet sweet Earth wouldn’t you go for the cleaner, greener one? 

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