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Eco Shark

Rejuiceable Juice Pouch

Rejuiceable Juice Pouch

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Finally!  A Reusable Juice Box That Doesn't Suck!

Introducing the Rejuiceable Juice Pouch – the perfect solution for eco conscious families who care about reducing waste and living sustainably. Our leakproof, spill-resistant, and easy-to-use design ensures your little ones can enjoy their drinks mess-free, without taking up too much room in their lunch box.

Designed to minimize waste and encourage eco-friendly habits. They’re:

  • Leakproof
  • Spill proof
  • Fun to drink
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe: BPA, Phthalate, and PVC Free 

Be a litterless lunchbox hero

When you invest in a Rejuiceable Juice Pouch you're taking a stand against disposable single-use plastics and setting a powerful example for your kids - and their entire class! Each Rejuiceable Juice Pouch can save almost 200 juice boxes each school year! That’s a lot of savings - in your wallet and in our environment!

Take control of the box

You’ll love the versatility of choice with our reusable juice boxes. Send your kid to school with milk, water, electrolytes, or home made juice (they won’t even notice if you water it down!).

Easy to clean

Your kids will love using our super fun juice pouch, and you’ll love it too because it’s eco friendly, easy to fill, and easy to clean. The see-through flexible material and nozzle brush gives you peace of mind knowing your child's pouch is impeccably clean and mould-free for their daily enjoyment.

Eco Facts

Did you know over 4 BILLION juice boxes are thrown out each year world wide?

Juice boxes are typically made with 3 to 6 layers of materials, making them difficult and costly to recycle.

Reusables are always better than single use products. They save natural resources, cut back on the amount of garbage travelling to and filling up our landfills.


✅ BPA free
✅ PVC Free
✅ Phthalate Free

Made with: TPU (52%), PU (26%, Silicone (17%), POM (5%)

How to Use and Care for Juice Pouches

Before your first use, make sure to clean the bottle.

How to Clean:
For the pouch, you can use a soapy bottle brush to scrub the interior of the pouch..

Alternatively, you can add a drip of dishwasher liquid, fill 2/3 of the bottle with warm-to-hot water, replace the lid and give the bottle a good shake. Rub the sides of the bottle together using your hands, then squirt all the water out through the nozzle before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

To clean the nozzle, use the nozzle brush to scrub in between all four quadrants of the nozzle.

To Use:

Fill the pouch with you choice and amount of beverage, then screw the lid on snuggly.

To drink, suck the liquid out of the nozzle by lightly pinching the spout with your lips/teeth just like you would inflatable beach ball.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love these pouches!

These pouches are absolutely amazing and we use them almost daily, including at home. Our son drinks very little water at home when we give it to him in a cup, but when we fill these out and put them in front of him, he can't resist and drinks it all :D
They are super easy to clean so we can use them easily for juices too, and they dry without issues so there is not a problem with mold

Dianne C
Great for more than juice!

We need to order so many more of these because they are already being fought over. We use them to send juice or water to school of course but my favourite thing is that the toddler can use it without juice being sprayed everywhere like she does with juice boxes. The big kid likes to have one in her bed for when she's thirsty at night so she doesn't have to sit up and it never leaks!

Jessica G
Amazing Pouches!

I got 2 of the juice pouches for my boys, they brought them to school and all the other kids were jealous! They are easy to refill even with little hands. The material is sturdy with no leaks at the spout and tough enough to be thrown around in backpacks. I would love a larger size as well for sports days.

Emily R
No Regrets about this Purchase! 😍

I was at a local craft show and saw EcoShark's booth set up. We have reusable pouches from another brand for yogurt and things like that hadn't thought of juice pouches. I only send me kids water for school but after buying these they have requested having milk with their lunch every day (Hooray calcium), and there has been zero mess. These pouches are super light weight, leakproof and easy for my kids to use (kindergarten and grade 2). I would definitely recommend these to anybody, especially if you're currently buying juice boxes for your kids lunches. Thanks Eco Shark! 😊

Love Them!

These are so cool! And they really work well too. We love that they are reusbale and cut down on plastic waste in the world. They don't leak, they are easy to clean, and the best part is the kids love them. We will definitely be using these in lunch boxes from here on out!

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