Reusable Sandwich Bags - Recycle

Reusable Sandwich Bags - Recycle
Reusable Sandwich Bags - Recycle
Reusable Sandwich Bags - Recycle
Litterless lunch medium snack bag
Zero Waste Litterless lunch bags in Recycle Print


Plastic Free

Zero Waste

Canadian Business

Reusable Sandwich Bags - Recycle


These reusable sandwich bags from Colibri Canada are the best, and they want to help you ditch single-use zipper snack bags and keep the oceans plastic-free!  They are great for zero waste kids and adult lunches, or even to pack toiletries for your trip! 

  • Large snack bag is 7.5" x 7.5" and holds 3 cups - perfect for sandwiches
  • Medium snack bag is 5" x 8" and holds 2 cups 
  • Small snack bag is 4" x 6" and holds 1 cup


  • Easy zipper closure
  • Easy to clean: flip it inside out or pull the lining out - machine wash cold/low dry or hand wash & leave to dry
  • Lead and nickel free zipper
  • 100% cotton outer, polyurethane laminate liner
  • Tested and certified to meet both FDA and Health Canada food safety standards

Single-use plastic zipper bags add up - both in our landfill and in your bank account!

Reusable fabric bags are the perfect solution for both. One fabric zipper bag costs approximately the same amount as just two boxes of brandname disposables.

Assuming you use one sandwich bag per weekday, you'll be saving money after only 9 months...not to mention over 180 plastic bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I love these bags! The design is great for adults and children, they are easy to clean and are not bulky so more can fit into small lunch bags. We wash them in the sink and let them dry overnight. I also use them for ripe fruit, like a nectarine, that I don’t want to have squashed all over the inside of the lunch bag. This bag offer protection for the fruit!

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