Soap Dish - Ceramic

Ceramic Soap Dish
White soap dish
Soap dish with bar of soap

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Soap Dish - Ceramic


This beautiful ceramic soap dish is perfect for your shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as any other soaps you keep in your shower. 

Classic white in colour and easy to wash, this beautiful soap dish will add an extra touch of class to your washroom, kitchen, or laundry room. The wavy design will prop your soap up and allow it to air dry in between uses, helping to extend the life of your bar and keep it from getting goopy. 

Measures: 14cm x 10.5cm x 2cm (5.5" x 4" x .75")

Choosing reusable products is always a better option than single-up and disposable items - for several reasons:

🌱 Reusable products help keep disposables out of landfills

🌱 Reusables help preserve our natural resources by limiting the number of single-use items created

🌱 Reusable products save people money over their lifespan

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