Spray Lid for Mason Jar

Spray Nozzle attachment for Mason Jar
Mason Jar Spray Lid with Filo All Purpose Cleaner tab
Spray Lid for Mason Jar
Spray Lid for Mason Jar
Spray Lid for Mason Jar in Black


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Spray Lid for Mason Jar


reCAP's sprayer lid transforms a regular mouthed mason jar into a reusable spray bottle. This BPA-free plastic trigger is perfect for our concentrated tablet cleaners, your home-made cleaners, or even just water to mist your plant babies.

reCAP is a small women-owned business with big goals. Every cap is made in the USA, with their entire supply chain within a 100-mile radius of Erie, Pennsylvania.

reCap lids fit popular Mason jars brands such as Atlas, Ball, Bernardin, Golden Harvest, Kerr, Kilner, Legacy, Orchard Road, and Quattro Stagioni. 

  • Lab certified, BPA-free plastic
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Stain-resistant
  • Silicone gasket provides a leak-proof seal and frictionless easy to remove cap
  • Break resistant - reCAP Mason jar caps are built to last


* Jar not included!

Choosing reusable products is always a better option than single-up and disposable items - for several reasons:

🌱 Reusable products help keep disposables out of landfills

🌱 Reusables help preserve our natural resources by limiting the number of single-use items created

🌱 Reusable products save people money over their lifespan

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