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Clean and green!

Stainless Steel Cleaner - Concentrated Tablet

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Make your kitchen sparkle and shine with this gentle and eco-friendly Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Quebec-based Myni has created a superb stainless steel cleaner that's perfect for removing the spots, splatters, finger and paw prints off your beautiful appliances!

In addition, they use materials that are good for people, pets, and the planet.

Each compostable little packet makes up to 750ml of cleaning product. 

  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial Colours, fragrance, or Dye
  • No Plastic

How are concentrated cleaners eco friendly?

Choosing plastic-free products keeps additional waste out of the landfill, reduces our natural resources from being used, and as an extra sweet bonus, it'll also save you money.

Most cleaning products contain about 95% water, which means you're mostly paying for water and plastic.

Myni Concentrated Cleaning Tablets are also entirely biodegradable, so you can feel good knowing that you're not spraying toxic chemicals around your house or pouring them down the drain. High five!

What are the ingredients?

Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium coco-sulfate, D-limonene

Citric acid

This is obtained by fermenting vegetable raw materials and helps to dislodge dirt, to ensure that the tablet dissolves in water, and to make the product’s pH slightly acidic.

Sodium benzoate

This is made in the laboratory, but its precursor is found in certain foods such as strawberries or cayenne pepper. It protects the product against microorganisms that could alter its quality.

Potassium sorbate

This is made in the laboratory, but its precursor is found in the berries of the mountain ash. It protects the product against microorganisms that could alter its quality.

Sodium carbonate

This mineral, also known as soda crystals or soda wash, is a filler to ensure that the tablet dissolves in water.

Sodium coco-sulphate

This coconut oil derivative has detergent properties to remove grease and dirt.

How to use concentrated tablet cleaners

Each tablet makes up to 750ml of cleaning product. Use it all at once, or divide the tablet to make multiple bottles of cleaner!

  1. Fill a reusable spray bottle with 750ml of water. 
  2. Drop the tablet in the bottle, and wait for it to dissolve.
  3. That's it! You're ready to roll!

Please remember to compost the packet when you're done!

  • Zero Waste

    100% clean, 0% waste

    All the clean, none of the waste. Concentrated cleaners give you exactly what you need, without the garbage.

  • Sustainable

    All natural ingredients

    Using the power of nature for a healthy, deep clean for your home and the environment. Kid safe, pet safe, earth safe.

  • Family Friendly

    Breathe easy

    Natural & sustainable ingredients without chemicals to help prevent allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

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