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Stop washing microplastics down the drain

Kitchen Dish Brush

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Our plastic-free kitchen dish brushes are made from our our two favourite eco friendly materials: bamboo and sisal. The sturdy but soft bristles will not scratch your dishes and yet are tough enough to give you as powerful a clean as conventional plastic bristles - but without shedding any micro plastic. 

The head of this excellent brush can be composted at the end of its lifecycle, while the handle can be reused again and again.

These brushes will last a long time with proper care. Because they are natural materials, please make sure not to put them in the dishwasher or leave them in standing water, and allow them to air dry. 

How is the Kitchen Dish Brush eco friendly?

Kitchen dish brushes and sponges are other common household plastic items. Though they're not considered single-use, most are made with multiple plastics (handle & bristles, sponge & scrub pad) and will ultimately end up in the landfill. While in use, they also release microplastics that are washed down the drain and into our water source.

What is the Kitchen Dish Brush made from?

Natural Bamboo with Sisal bristles.

Metal clasp on the reusable handle.

How to use and care for your Kitchen Dish Brush

To keep your natural bamboo brushes functioning as long as possible, make sure to store vertically and allow to air dry in between uses.

Read our blog post for instructions on How to Clean Your Bamboo Brushes and Cellulose Sponges.

To replace the brush head: slide the metal clasp downward towards the handle, then pull the head away from the handle until it pops out of the metal ring.

Insert the new head into the metal ring, and then slide the small metal clasp upwards towards the head, locking it in place.

  • Sustainable

    Eco Aesthetic

    Our kitchen collection isn't just eco friendly, it's also beautiful! Our natural materials compliment all decor, because being sustainable is always in fashion.

  • Plastic Free

    Microplastic Free

    Actively eliminate microplastics from your daily cleaning routine, supporting a healthier environment for your family and our planet.

  • Compostable

    All the clean, none of the waste

    Your kitchen brushes help keep your dishes clean, and later are completely compostable to keep the earth clean, too.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great swap

Love this eco friendly swap. Not as powerful as the scrub brushes but works well for normal dish cleaning and is comfortable to hold. Looks nice in the kitchen too.
And 10/10 customer service as well!

Comfortable handle and good scrubbing power

I've been using this brush for about a month now and it is holding up well. Less grimy on the brush head than my previous plastic scrubber.

Chris C
Kitchen dish brush

I love this brush I
Use it all the time, it works really well removing foods and solids that are stuck on without scratching the surface.
Highly recommend it