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Collapsible Coffee Mug

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Did you know Canadian's throw away 5 billion disposable coffee cups each year? We love our coffee, but we love our environment too, which is why our collapsible coffee cup is going to be one of the most impactful eco-swaps you'll make this year. 

Made of Food Grade silicone, our coffee mug collapses into a 6.5cm x 10cm disc so you can easily store it in your purse, backpack or office desk for your on-the-go cuppa Joe's.

Guaranteed to get attention every time you use it, inspiring others to ditch their disposables, too!

Our collapsible coffee mugs are: 

  • 550ml, aka large size Timmy's
  • Food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great for hot and cold drinks
  • Leak proof
  • Folds compactly for on-the-go 


Pro Tip: Silicone is very heat resistant, but a very hot coffee will still feel quite hot. Make sure to hold your cup by the plastic sleeve.

Silicone is a great alternative to plastic, particularly single-use plastic, for it's strength, durability, and reusabilty.

Silicone doesn't leach chemicals the way plastic does, and can be recyclabled (check with your local facility first).

Even better - it doesn’t degrade or break down into microparticles.

Platinum food grade silicone takes it to the next level. It's stronger and cured with platinum instead of peroxide, which means there's no lasting byproducts and remains colourless without yellowing over time. All medical grade silicone is platinum, but not all food grade is.

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