Dryer Balls - 100% Organic New Zealand Wool

Dryer Balls - 100% Organic New Zealand Wool


Zero Waste

Plastic Free

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Dryer Balls - 100% Organic New Zealand Wool

Tru Earth

Wool Dryer Balls are a great addition to your sustainable laundry routine, working as a reusable replacement for chemical dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener.

Tru Earth premium dryer balls are all-natural and sustainably made from 100% Organic New Zealand sheep wool, and will last for over 1,000 loads!

Dryer balls work by softening your clothes naturally, absorbing water, separating items to help them dry evenly, and reducing the overall drying time, which in turn will reduce your energy bill as well.

Use 4 balls for small to medium loads of laundry, and 8 balls for large loads of laundry.


Reusable Wool Dryer Balls make a big difference - in the care of your clothing, the landfill and in your wallet! The're a natural and healthier option for your family; extending the life of your clothing and saving 20-40% of your drying time to reduce your energy consumption.

Dryer Sheets are completely unnecessary for cleaning clothes, and an easily-preventable source of exposure to toxic chemicals and single-use waste.

Those small and stinky sheets have a plethora of health and environmental concerns due to their heavy use of chemicals and fragrances (read more about it here).

Additionally, the chemicals from dryer sheets build up and can clog your dryer’s lint screen, causing a fire safety concern and making your dryer a lot less efficient.

Toss the balls in your dryer with your laundry, and experiment by reducing your normal drying time by 5 or 10 minutes each load until you've hit the sweet spot.

When removing your clothes, simply leave them inside for next time.

Wool dryer balls can be 'rehydrated' periodically (ie. once a year or so) in your washing machine, then air dry them or use a high heat setting in your dryer. This will help overworked balls restore their absorption ability.

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