Finally, a reusable juice box that doesn't suck.

The only leakproof, lightweight and fun-to-use Reusable Juice Box you'll ever need.

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ReJuiceable Juice Pouch

Squeeze out single-use juice boxes!

The perfect solution for eco-conscious parents! Our ReJuiceable Juice Pouch ensures your kiddos can enjoy their drinks mess-free, without taking up too much room in their lunch boxes.

Designed to minimize waste and encourage eco-friendly habits, they’re:

  • Leakproof
  • Spill-resistant
  • Fun to drink
  • Easy to clean
  • Food grade safety: BPA, Phthalate, and PVC Free 

Be a litterless lunch box hero

Investing in a ReJuiceable Juice Pouch means you're taking a stand against single-use plastics and setting a powerful example for your kids - and their entire class! ReJuiceable Juice Pouch can save up to 180 juice boxes every school year! That’s a lot of savings - in your wallet and in our environment!

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Why are ReJuiceable Juice Pouches Eco Friendly?

Did you know over 4 BILLION juice boxes are thrown out each year world wide?

Juice boxes are typically made with 3 to 6 layers of materials, making them difficult and costly to recycle.

Reusables are always better than single use products. They save natural resources, cut back on the amount of garbage traveling to and filling up our landfills.

What are the ReJuiceable Juice Pouches made from?

✅ BPA free
✅ PVC Free
✅ Phthalate Free

Made with: TPU (52%), PU (26%, Silicone (17%), POM (5%)

How to care for my ReJuiceable Juice Pouch

Make sure to wash your ReJuiceable Pouch before your first use.

Cleaning the Pouch:
Use a soapy bottle brush to scrub the interior of the pouch.

Alternatively, you can add a drip of liquid dish soap, fill 2/3 of the bottle with warm-to-hot water, replace the lid and give the bottle a good shake. Rub the sides of the bottle together using your hands, then squirt all the water out through the nozzle before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

Cleaning the Nozzle:
Use the nozzle brush to scrub in between all four quadrants of the nozzle and around the opening.

Please note: The ReJuiceable Juice Pouch is temperature safe to 40°c, and as such we do not recommend putting it in your dishwasher.

To Use:
Fill your pouch with your choice of beverage, then screw the lid on snuggly.

To drink, suck the liquid out of the nozzle by lightly pinching the spout with your lips/teeth just like you would inflatable beach ball.

Please note: The nozzle is made from silicone which is perfect for being spill-proof, but is not teeth proof and should not be chewed.

  • ReJuiceable Juice Pouches are reusable, easy to clean, leak proof, light weight, compact, and BPA / Phthalate /  PVC Free
  • Rejuiceable Juice Pouches are made with a see-through, flexible material, have an easy to fill screw cap, and a silicone pinch lock nozzle
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A kindergarten child drinking from a ReJuiceable Juice Pouch

Think Outside the Juice Box

I was the "mean mom" who refused to buy juice boxes, and finding a good reusable one was impossible. Everything I tried was either too hard for my son to open, too large for his lunch box, or leaked and made a mess of his backpack.

After a lot of trial and error, I'm so thrilled to share our ultra lightweight, compact, leak proof, and durable water pouch. You (and your kids) will love it. 


Are ReJuiceable Juice Pouches easy to clean?

Our Rejuiceable Juice Pouches are indeed easy to clean! We chose the see-through material purposely to give you peace of mind. The flexibility of the materials allows you to add water, a drop of soap, and rub the sides together with your hands, or use a thin bottle brush or toothbrush to really get in there.

Our double packs come with a small nozzle brush for you to scrub inside the nozzle.

We do not recommend putting the pouches into your dishwasher as they are temperature safe up to 40°c, and many dishwashers use temperatures up to 60°c.

How durable are the pouches? Will they last multiple uses without tearing or leaking?

At Eco Shark we always thoroughly test our products. If we don't love it, we don't carry it.

As such, we had a great time throwing these pouches around, squeezing, freezing, and stepping on them. They're definitely up to the task of your child's lunch box!

That said, they will break if they're cut or punctured, or purposely popped. The silicone nozzle is great for being leakproof, but please make sure your child doesn't excessively chew on it as it can break and become a hazard.

Are ReJuiceable Juice Pouches safe for my children to use?

The Rejuiceable Juice Pouch is food safe, and are BPA free, PVC free, and Phthalate Free.

They are made from TPU (52%), PU (26%, Silicone (17%), POM (5%).

How much liquid can a reJuiceable Juice Pouches hold? Are they suitable for different types of drinks?

The Rejuiceable Juice Pouch holds 1 Cup (or 250mL) of liquid, similar to a standard sized juice box.

You can use almost any beverage you'd like, so long as it's not too thick. Very thick juice and smoothies typically aren't able to slip through the leakproof nozzle.

Am I able to return it if I'm not happy?

Absolutely! We want you to feel fin-tastic about your purchase. If for any reason our Rejuiceable Juice Pouch doesn't live up to your expectations, we offer a 14 day money-back guarantee.

Why purchase from Eco Shark?

When you choose Eco Shark, you're not only embracing high-quality, plastic-free beauty but also joining a tribe of eco-warriors on a mission to reduce single-use plastics. We're committed to providing thoroughly tested solutions for everyday products, and we proudly support Canadian businesses.

Take a bite out of plastic pollution with Eco Shark, and ride the wave to a more sustainable future!

  • Versatile

    Have your juice and drink it, too!

    Enjoy the versatility of your Rejuiceable Juice Pouch! Send your kids to school with milk, electrolytes, or home made juice (they won’t even notice if you water it down!)

  • Reusable

    Ditch the disposables

    Join Eco Shark's mission to take the single-use waste out of our kid’s lunch boxes, and out of their future! Show your children that you're committed to protecting our planet, one sip at a time.

  • Zero Waste

    Goodbye single-use garbage

    Your child’s Rejuiceable Juice Pouch can save up to 200 juice boxes each school year! That’s a lot of savings - in your wallet and in our landfills!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great swap

Love that I can send my kids to school with juice without feeling guilty about a juice box! They like using them and they like knowing they're reusable! ❤🌍🧃

Tasha Eisenhammer
Lightweight & Easy to use!

We currently have 4 for 2 kiddos, they absolutely love using them. We like to rotate, and always have a full one ready to grab in the fridge.

We can individualize different fruit drinks, milk, or even just water for each child.
In their lunches, us parents love the leak proof spout and the pouch design holds up to long bus rides, recess, and lunchtime!

Definitely recommend and only wish we'd found them sooner!!


They don't leak, they don't spill, and my kids love using them. This is a great option for lunch boxes, car trips, and snacks on the go. Customer service was helpful and fast when I had a question about my order. Thank you Julie!

Great option to juice boxes

These work great. They don't leak and the kids enjoy using them. So much less waste than with juice boxes. Although I hate hand washing things, I'd much rather hand wash these than buy juice boxes and create waste.


Easy to use and no mess!