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Cruelty-free grooming

Synthetic Shaving Brush

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With synthetic bristles so soft, you'll wonder why anyone still uses animal bristles for their shaving brushes. 

Our shaving brushes are completely cruelty-free, with the added bonus of reducing your shave time by not requiring a pre-soak before using. 

Synthetic bristle brushes also take the cake for their long lifespan, as their bristles are less prone to mould and fraying over time.

We love our shaving brush so much, we don't even mind that it's created from plastics! This is one of those products where plastic is beneficial in creating a high quality reusable product, built to last up to 10 years with proper care, and prevents needless cruelty and suffering to animals. 


The perfect addition to our line of shaving tools and accessories.

How are synthetic shaving brushes Eco Friendly?

You simply cannot be eco-friendly while causing suffering to animals.

Our synthetic shaving lather brushes are so incredibly soft and long lasting you'll wonder why anyone opts for real animal hair.

Natural hairs are also more prone to mould and fraying over time, so by using our synthetic brush you'll be able to use it longer before eventually replacing.

What is the synthetic shaving brush made from?

Plastic rubber handle, soft synthetic shaving bristles.

Yes, we said plastic...but the key thing to note here is that this plastic has been made to last a long time, rather than as a single use item. With good care, you'll be using our lather brush for years to come.

How to use and care for your shaving brush

For an indepth video on shaving, check out this Gentleman's Gazette video.

Using a shaving brush:

1) Wet your shaving brush, and swirl it around on top of your shaving soap to work up a thick lather.

2) Apply lather to the skin you're shaving. Continue to apply lather throughout the shave to protect your skin.

3) Once finished shaving, thoroughly rinse your shaving brush clean, then allow to air dry upside down on your shaving stand.

To Clean Your Brush:

Peridically you can give your shaving brush a deep clean by lathering up a drop of dish soap and working it into the bristles. Rinse well, shake off the excess water, then allow to air dry as usual.

Alternatively, you can soak your brush in 2:1 parts water to vinegar for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly, shake off excess water, and then allow to air dry upside down.


Why should I invest in a shaving brush and shaving soap instead of canned foam?

Although the initial cost of investing in a shaving brush, soap bowl, and/or a shaving brush may be higher than purchasing one can of shaving foam, you'll quickly recoup those costs.

Our shaving soap lasts significantly longer than a can of foam - at least 3x's as long, in fact. Not only will you be using a more natural product with no artificial additives and fragrances, you'll also be diverting a lot of waste from the landfills.

How hard is it to use shaving soap instead of store-bought foam?

Shaving with soap and a brush couldn't be easier. Most customers quickly adapt to the technique. In no time, you'll enjoy the timeless shaving process and never look back.

I've been using the same shaving cream brand for years. Why switch now?

Eco Shark's shaving brush and solid shaving soaps are an excellent alternative to aluminum shaving foam. Our soaps and brushes are not only designed with sustainability in mind, but they're also really high quality giving you a luxurious shave. By making this eco swap, you'll enjoy a barbershop quality shaving experience while contributing to a greener planet.

Why buy from Eco Shark?

When you choose Eco Shark, you're choosing more than just a product. You're joining a wave of eco-conscious individuals taking a stand against single-use plastics. By purchasing from us, you're proving that looking good and doing good are two sides of the same coin.

What if I don't like my new shaving brush?

Please make sure to give your new shaving brush a few opportunities to win your trust - it can take some practice getting use to a high quality shaving routine.

But if our brush doesn't live up to your expectations, we offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. We're all about making this a smooth experience for you, just like all our shaving products.

  • Easy

    Enjoy a superior shave

    Sick of razor burn and ingrown hairs? Avoid those pesky bumps and get the smoothest shave of your life.

  • Plastic Free

    Ditch the disposables

    Embrace the change and join Eco Shark's vital mission to combat single-use plastics, helping everyone lead their best sustainable life.

  • Savings with reusables

    Invest in reusables

    Shave hundreds of dollars from your expenses by never buying non-recyclable blade cartridges again!

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