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Reusable Spray Bottle
Reusable Spray Bottle

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Spray Bottle

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Okay - let's start by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, this is a PLASTIC spray bottle.

Hear us out.

We're carrying this plastic spray bottle for a few reasons:

  1. This isn't a single-use plastic -  please make sure you intend on reusing this bottle for as long as possible, potentially even crafting it into your will for your grandchildren to enjoy as well
  2. Glass bottles are beautiful and look amazing in Pinterest photos, but they are heavy, expensive to ship, and will shatter if you accidentally drop it while cleaning your bathroom
  3. Feedback from our customers wanting to use our Filo concentrated cleaning tablets but not having an empty spray bottle 

So here you go! A pretty boring but sturdy spray bottle, conveniently sized to work perfectly with our Filo concentrated cleaners with the ounce and millilitres marked up the side for easy mixing. The nozzle is adjustable from a fine to a steady stream...and it's blue to perfectly match everything else under your counter where no one will ever see it. 


BTW, did you see the elephant? 

Choosing reusable products is always a better option than single-up and disposable items - for several reasons:

🌱 Reusable products help keep disposables out of landfills

🌱 Reusables help preserve our natural resources by limiting the number of single-use items created

🌱 Reusable products save people money over their lifespan

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