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Say 'sayonara' to soap scum

Straws - Stainless Steel

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The secret is out that plastic straws are not cool, and many cities are phasing them out as they join the ban on single-use plastics. Paper straws are becoming increasingly available, but they don't have a great mouth feel, can start dissolving in your drink, and of course, paper products are made out of trees.

Our reusable high grade stainless steel straws are a great reusable solution for all your beverage needs. Extremely lightweight and portable, they can be stored in your purse, backpack, diaper bag, desk drawer, or camping gear for on-the-go.

They're also: 

  • BPA and Toxin Free
  • Rust-proof
  • Dishwasher Safe

    How is this soap dish eco friendly?

    Your new bamboo soap dish is made of 100% bamboo - one of the world's most sustainable resources.

    When it eventually wears out, you can home compost it, preventing additional waste from entering our landfills.

    This soap dish also supports the zero waste habit of bar soaps. Bar soap requires one-fifth of the energy to produce compared to liquid soap.

    and are primarily made with biodegradable natural ingredients.

    Bar soaps last at least 3x's longer than liquid soap, and are just as effective in cleaning and preventing the spread of germs, but without the added chemicals.

    Liquid soaps on the other hand (pun!) are petroleum based and require additional chemicals to emulsify and stabilize.

    Liquid soaps can use up to 20x's the amount of packaging and are much heavier, which gives them a significantly higher carbon footprint for transportation, let alone the footprint of their plastic packaging and chemical ingredients.

    What's this soap dish made out of?

    Made from sustainable Bamboo.

    How to use and care for your bamboo soap dish

    Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and more water resistant that normal wood, however it is best to allow your soap dish to dry in between uses to keep it active as long as possible.

    If you find that soap is building up on your dish, give it a gentle scrub with a brush to remove the soap and allow to air dry.

    Should you ever want to disinfect your soap dish, you can do this by either sprinkling baking soda onto the damp dish, allowing to sit for a bit, give it a gentle brush, and then rinse, or giving it a quick vinegar rinse.

    Once your soap dish has been worn out, please remember to put it in your compost pile to complete it's lifecycle.

    • Easy

      Eco Aesthetic

      Our bamboo soap dish isn't just eco friendly, it's also beautiful! Our natural materials compliment all decor, because being sustainable is always in fashion.

    • Sustainable

      Bamboo power!

      Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, as well as being naturally water, bacteria, fungal, and microbial resistant.

    • Compostable

      All the clean, none of the waste

      Your bamboo soap dish helps keep your soap clean and dry, and later is completely compostable to keep the earth clean, too.

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