About Eco Shark

About Us: 

Eco Shark is a mindfully curated collection of the best eco-friendly products that have been dutifully researched and thoughtfully tested. Eco Shark customers can feel safe knowing their purchases are gentle on the environment, reduce unnecessary plastic consumption, and feel good about supporting a small Canadian business. 


Our Mission: 

Eco Shark’s mission is to encourage everyone to replace their single-use plastic household products with eco-friendly alternatives. Every product we sell includes information on why it’s an environmentally responsible alternative.


Why Eco Shark?

I’ve always been passionate about environmental responsibility and advocated for sustainability in all aspects of my life, from everyday personal habits to larger scale best practices at my various workplaces. I truly get excited about finding new sustainability tips, and love inspiring everyone around me to adopt these practices as well. 

Shopping for my family became increasingly difficult the more I learned about the catastrophic effects of single-use plastics. I’d spend ages in big box stores searching for products that used recycled materials, had minimal packaging, were certified environmentally friendly and not just greenwashed. I’d come home with half my shopping list because I simply could not support these wasteful business practices.

The products I wanted did exist - they just aren’t as readily available as they should be - as they NEED to be. 

During the height of the pandemic, my family made the 180° pivot from Toronto to the beautiful village of St Jacobs, Ontario. I recognized this new beginning as an opportunity to create Eco Shark, the online shop where people will feel proud of their purchases, be empowered to go Green, and learn how easy it is to make a positive impact.


Our Goals: 

Within our first year, Eco Shark’s goal is to inspire 1,000 people to adopt at least one new eco-friendly alternative into their daily lives, resulting in at least one less single-use piece of plastic from entering the landfill (or worse, the ocean). The decision to “go Green” is both addictive and contagious, so the impact of just 1,000 people will grow exponentially. As a celebration upon reaching our goal, we will donate a percentage of our profits to Forest Ontario.