About Eco Shark

Eco Shark is a small, woman-owned, Canadian business where you can shop with confidence knowing that you're not just buying environmentally responsible products, you’re also making a statement about the world you want to live in! By introducing our customers to products that align with their values, we help them create a healthier home for their family, and a healthier environment for us all. 

Eco Shark believes that every small action makes an impact.
Our common daily choices matter and when everyone pitches in, we create a movement!

Meet Julie Shark - Founder

Image of Julie Shark hugging a tree in Costa Rica, circa 2012 when she was younger and cuter

Our Missions

To Support Everyday Sustainability:

Eco Shark aims to encourage everyone to adopt eco-friendly habits and reduce their environmental impact by offering high-quality, sustainable, and reusable alternatives to common "auto pilot" disposable products.

To Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste:

Eco Shark endeavours to create a more sustainable world by purveying well-designed, long-lasting products that help minimize waste and contribute to the global effort of protecting our planet by eliminating single-use plastics.

To Inspire Eco Change Makers

Eco friendly habits are contagious! The more people see others exercising a sustainable lifestyle, the more likely they are to follow suit.

By providing access to excellent eco friendly products, we're assisting changemakers to inspire those around them to join in and live the good life, too.  

To Support Local Economy:

Eco Shark is dedicated to supporting Canadian small businesses. By sourcing as many products as possible within Canada, we are helping other small businesses achieve their dreams, while also reducing our transportation footprint.