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Meet your new pal

Bottle Buddy Brush

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Make way for our Bamboo Bottle Brush

Introducing a plucky new sidekick for your sustainable kitchen! Designed for a greener future, our scratch-resistant coconut fibre bristles will deep clean those hard-to-reach crevices without shedding microplastics down the drain.

Supports your zero waste goals

Conveniently sized at 9" x 2.5”, our Bottle Brush offers firm cleaning power while highlighting your values:

  • Completely plastic-free 
  • Backyard compostable handle and bristles
  • Recyclable wire core  

Perfect versatility

Use daily to clean your:

  • Reusable water bottles and travel mugs
  • Baby bottles 
  • Mugs and wine glasses 
  • Vases and jars
  • Everything else with a rounded bottom!

How is the bottle buddy brush eco friendly?

Kitchen dish brushes and sponges are other common household plastic items. Though they're not considered single-use, most are made with multiple plastics (handle & bristles, sponge & scrub pad) and will ultimately end up in the landfill. While in use, they also release microplastics that are washed down the drain and into our water source.

What is the Bottle Buddy Brush made from?

Coconut bristles

Natural Bamboo handle

Metal wire

How to use and care for your Bottle Buddy Brush

To keep your natural bamboo brushes functioning as long as possible, make sure to store vertically and allow to air dry in between uses.

Read our blog post for instructions on How to Clean Your Bamboo Brushes and Cellulose Sponges.

  • Sustainable

    Eco Aesthetic

    Our kitchen collection isn't just eco friendly, it's also beautiful! Our natural materials compliment all decor, because being sustainable is always in fashion.

  • Plastic Free

    Microplastic Free

    Actively eliminate microplastics from your daily cleaning routine, supporting a healthier environment for your family and our planet.

  • Compostable

    All the clean, none of the waste

    Your kitchen brushes help keep your dishes clean, and later are completely compostable to keep the earth clean, too.

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