Eco Shark's coloured safety razors

A Good Ol' Fashioned Shave

Eco Shark is kicking it old school when it comes to shaving with our new line of zero waste Safety Razors.


So glad you asked!

1) To reduce plastic waste

It's no secret we don't like single-use plastic around here. And even though you get a few shaves out of a plastic disposable cartridge, it is intentionally designed to be disposable ergo ending up in a landfill for at least a century.

image of Eco Shark's rainbow safety razor

Even the reusable plastic handles are basically impossible or extremely unlikely to be recycled because they're made of mixed plastics and sometimes silicone.

And that's just not cool. So Eco Shark's Safety Razors are 100% metal, have zero plastic, and are infinitely recyclable. 

2) Because they're built to last

Despite the upfront cost of fancy brandname plastic handles, they're not meant to last very long. Continuous disposability is all built into a company's profit cycle. Think back to how many you're gone through over the years. Plastic breaks down, builds up debris, and is easily broken. 

Image of Eco Shark safety razor disassembled for easy cleaning

Our Safety Razors are build to last - possibly even your entire lifetime with proper care. Their disassemblable construction allows them to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as needed, making your shave both cleaner and healthier.   

3) For a better quality shave

Our grandfathers knew their stuff. The classic Safety Razor shave is far superior to the plastic shave of this generation.

  • One blade gliding over your skin as opposed to three (or five!) means less tugging of the hair and less irritation for your skin which translates into no razor burn, bumps, or ingrown hairs.
  • One blade allows you to adjust the angle of shave that works best for your body contours.
  • Closer shaves last longer, saving time, shaving soap, and making your blades last even longer.

Eco Shark's Bamboo Shaving set next to a bathroom sink
4) For long term savings

After the initial investment of our Safety Razor, the cost of blades is incredibly inexpensive and are widely available. No need to hunt down a specific brand or model of blades! No worrying about brands discontinuing your razor and cartridges becoming obsolete!

A 100-pack of safety razor blades is a fraction of the cost of a 5 pack of blade cartridges...and in a recyclable cardboard box instead of plastic blister wrap. 

image of a hand carefully holding a safety razor blade
5) To slow it down, and bring back the intension of self care

Whether you're shaving your face, your legs, or whatever other part of your body you'd prefer to be hairless, the ritual of self care can (and should!) be a mindful and self indulgent one. Enjoy the experience of working up a lather, rinsing your brush clean, and take a moment to enjoy the extraordinarily smooth skin after you shave.

A man with a freshly shaved face

Breath deep.


You'll love it. 

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