eco friendly packages being handed over with text overtop reading "we're the whole package"

We're the whole package!

Have you every ordered something online and been appalled by the size of the box it arrived it? Or purchased something from a store and been put off by it's wasteful packaging? 

Massive shipping box with text reading "My MicroSD card finally arrived", and an image below with a tiny SD card in someone's hand.

Of course you have - that's why I like you!

Personally, I have always been a reuser.

Likely to a fault. 🤷‍♀️

But I've carried this mentality over to Eco Shark and based our packaging and shipping policies after it. I am committed to efficiently packing each and every order, and avoid the shameful over-packaging that's rampant with online retailers.

I spent many years boycotting <insert major online retailer here> because of ghastly business and wasteful environmental practices - but that doesn't mean I won't canvas the neighbourhood collecting their gently used packages to reuse!

Aside from our healthy stock of reused envelopes, here are the materials we use:

  🌱 100% recycled kraft boxes & padded envelopes

  🌱 100% home compostable mailer bags, made from plant starch

  🌱 Recyclable paper tape & hemp fibre shipping labels

  🌱 100% recycled kraft paper bags for our free local pick up orders

  🌱 Our tissue paper is green in colour and content! Made from 100% post-industrial recycled materials and dyed with water based ink

This is just one of the many benefits of supporting a small business who really cares.  Like, really really cares.

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